”Facilitating creative projects in their pursuit of brilliance.” – Kevin Martinez, Company founder

Audio department for hire

Hi, you have reached the web page of Music Syndicate. We get hired for taking on the whole audio production pipeline for a project. So not only work with music composition, production, and sound effects design (basically asset creation) but our work stretches to do implementation and finalization work such as mixing and optimization.

This creates a collaborative relationship between us and the clients, rather than delivering orders for assets, we follow your team and project through the whole development process.

Videos (work-in-progress)

Adaptive Music Design showcase with Kevin Martinez, Company founder

Music & Sound effects

We offer the traditional audio asset creation service. Everything from music composition/production to SFX (digital sounds and foley).

Implementation / Audio Finalization

We tend to go beyond satisfying the demand for high-quality music and sound effects. The hand-out part, that often takes place between the audio design (asset creation) and the implementation phase, not only results in burdening an in-house programmer with more work but also consumes extra time and effort to communicate exactly what has to be made in order to satisfy the vision of the audio design. As a result of this, the hand-out tend to become a bottle-neck for a qualitative end result.

Audio and game competence combined

Being the all-around in game developers that we are, with knowledge in scripting and game design, we are capable of taking on implementation work entirely. We have found this to be an extremely effective workflow and what makes customers return to me for their next project.